10:05 AM - 10:50 AM BST  |  Tuesday June 4

Maximising Conversation Intelligence: Lessons from British Gas’ CallMiner Journey

Jonathan McWilliams
Complaints Governance & Interventions Manager
British Gas

Nick Rowe
Business Analyst Team Lead

Workshop #2

Not every conversation intelligence program gets off on the right foot… but what practical steps can organisations take when the contact centre isn’t realising expected benefits? In this session Jonathan McWilliams, Complaints Governance & Interventions Manager, will share insights from BG’s transformative three-year journey leveraging CallMiner.

You’ll learn how BG tackled the challenge of under-utilising this powerful tool by forming a specialised team and constraining goals: driving improvements in customer interactions, reducing demand, and optimising web chat analytics—all while maintaining efficiency and improving key metrics like NPS, customer retention, and issue resolution time. Explore the impact of strategic Coach adoption, from manual assessments to automated insights, and learn how BG is paving the way for CX excellence.