4:40 PM - 5:25 PM BST  |  Monday June 3

Data-Driven Conversation Intelligence: Integrating Insights for Customer & Agent Experience

Sarah Appleton
Speech Analytics Manager
The Very Group

Luke Ollerhead
Customer Services Insights Manager Customer Care
The Very Group

Nick Rowe
Business Analyst Team Lead

Workshop #1

In this interactive session, CallMiner’s own Nick Rowe will be joined by The Very Group’ Speech and Insight Team. The Very Group will share approaches and key themes that harnesses CallMiner’s conversation insights and integrates them into a comprehensive data warehouse alongside operational and customer data.

This workshop will provide practical insights into how these combined data have helped transform both customer and agent experience. Through examples and Q&A, participants will gain valuable strategies to enhance their own customer experience and drive operational efficiency through advanced analytics and data integration. Don’t miss this interactive session that promises real-world applications and actionable takeaways!